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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Busy Weekend!

Well, the 4th of July has once again come and gone. Our house was hoppin' this year. We had Gra-Nola and Grandpa Gary along with Granny Ginter and Cody. Then aunt Brittany and uncle Matt came in with cousin Kaity and Patton (the horse - I mean dog) in tow. Uncle Benny was the last to arrive (he flew in to the Akron-Canton airport around 10pm on July 3rd from Florida on business). We managed to find everyone a place to sleep (which is no easy task).

Our wonderful mini parade started at 11 am on the 4th and we were right in front of the house to watch. Many of our neighbors decorated their wagons and bikes for the parade. For lunch, we had a few more attendees - Papouli (Grandpa Chuck) and Grandma Chris Saris. The food was great and we had plenty of it! After a little volleyball and badmitton, uncle Matt and Patton went on their way home (Matt had to work on Sat.) and Papouli and Grandma Chris went home as well. The rest of us enjoyed tacos-in-a-bag for supper and a rousing game of Imaginiff.
Matt and Bethany went off to work on Saturday and everyone else enjoyed the Wedgewood pool (just 2 blocks from our house). Most of the crew headed out very early on Sunday morning in order to make it to church in Columbus Grove by 10am. Uncle Benny lazed around until 5pm (he just couldn't put Mario Galaxy down). All in all it was a good weekend.