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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sand and Sun!

As the temps hit 80 degrees this week, I finally convinced Matt to go buy Lexi some sand for her new sand box (she got it for Christmas along with a picnic table + umbrella). We set it up for her on the back patio and she LOVES it!!! It was placed close to the house, so we get the shade from morning until about noon. After noon however, you are in the sun for the rest of the day! Good thing I stocked up on sunblock. Jill also loves the sand box - I mean she likes to sleep in her carrier while Lexi plays in her sand box. It is so nice to be able to take a baby outside and not worry about her freezing or getting wind in her ears.

Big weekend coming up, so better start preparing... BIG Elton John/Billy Joel concert on Sat. night and my entire family is coming in for the whole weekend as well (partially to baby-sit while Matt and I enjoy the concert!). By the way... our development's pool is officially open as of Saturday, so bring your suits and your sunscreen if you are coming to visit!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Duck Season!!

Well, we now not only have a dog, but also a duck!! As Chuck (Matt's dad) was mowing our yard on Saturday, he looked in our "Tall Grass" in the front yard landscaping and saw a female duck just sitting there! Even with the noise of the mower coming very close to her nesting place, she still didn't budge. Chuck said she was probably sitting on 8-10 eggs! We all were amazed and also wondering "why our yard???" There is no pond or even a puddle close to our yard, so the lack of water would be an issue. Also, as you can see in the picture, the old chopped-off grass from last year is very difficult to walk through... she must have flown or jumped into the middle of the old grass. We can't wait to see how many (if any) ducklings we will have this spring and just how they will get to the water. Hopefully some hungry animal doesn't get to them before they hatch!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Few Visitors!

As I have blogged in the past week, you have all become aware that our family has been out to visit - but we have also had non-family (and distant-family) visitors! I just thought I would include them, too! Enjoy!

1. Amy Gula with Jill - mommy's friend from work (also our first non-family visitor)
2. Nicole and Lyndi Thompson with mommy, daddy, Jill and Lexi - mommy's cousin through marriage (James Thompson is Nicole's husband)
3. Amy Goske and her son Ben with Jill - our backyard neighbors
4. Paul Goske with Jill - Amy's other son
5. Beth Wade with Jill - our next-door neighbor
6. Chloe Wade with Jill - Beth's daughter

We love visitors... call and stop by anytime!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sisters... and sisters!

What an interesting title! The pictures should explain everything. My entire family was at our house to welcome Jill home including my mom and dad, my brother Benny, my sister Brittany, her husband Matt, their daughter Kaitlyn, and my cousin Maely. After all the oohing and ahhing over baby Jill, we had a really nice couple days to visit and catch up. It was great to have all the help. I only posted a couple pictures, but check out the kodak site for MANY MANY more!

P.S. - the title... the first picture is the new Saris sisters and the second picture is the original Ginter sisters with their daughters. The third picture is our new family picture - Banky included, just for Pa-Pa Chuck!