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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lexi's hairpiece choices!

Just for you, Shannon! Let me know what you think!

Headband (off-white)

Headband (off-white)

Headband (off-white)

Headband (silver with rhinestones in the flower centers)

Headband (silver with rhinestones covering it)

Tiara (simple with rhinestones)

Rhinestones that twist into the hair

Pearl flowers that twist into the hair

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Saris Family Vacation

Matt and I decided to take the girls to the Atlantic coast for our vacation this summer. We used our time-share and went to Galloway, NJ (which is only 20 minutes from Atlantic City and the Boardwalk). We mostly stayed around the resort and enjoyed the pool and nearby restaurants. On Sunday, we ventured to the coast to see Lucy the Elephant. Lucy is a 6-story hollow wooden Elephant that sits on the Atlantic shore and overlooks the ocean. Matt found the pamphlet in the resort lobby and Lexi just HAD to go see the giant Elephant! It wasn't very impressive, but Lexi liked it.
Then on Monday we ventured back to the coast and walked the Boardwalk. We only went about ½ mile in one direction, but that was plenty for the girls. Then we ate at
Rainforest Cafe (where Jill was scared to death of the moving animals) and even let the girls put their toes in the ocean before returning to the resort. The water was very cold and they didn't mind at all to go back to the warm pool.
Tuesday afternoon, we left our resort and headed 1½ hours to Langhorne, PA where we would spend the rest of our vacation. The hotel we stayed at was a mere ¼ mile from
Sesame Place! Needless to say, this was the highlight of the trip for the girls. Lexi loves Grover and Jill likes Elmo. We got a few great pictures with both characters. We enjoyed 2 days at the park and then headed home on Friday. Whew! Tiring but enjoyable vacation. Maybe someday we will try it again (not for a few years, though with another baby coming). Enjoy all the pictures!!

Ginter Second Cousins Unite!

Well, it was a long time coming... but the Ginter cousins finally united (about half of them at least) and all our kids finally got to meet - with the exception of Brittany's kids who were in daycare and couldn't make the Thursday trip. We missed you!!! But, it was great to see James and Sara. It had been quite a while since we had seen them. A good effort was made to get a picture of all the great-grandkids. I don't think it turned out half bad! It was great to catch up with everyone! It was bittersweet, though to know that Granny was in the hospital and couldn't join us to enjoy all her great-grandkids all together. Enjoy the few pictures!!!

Toledo Zoo!

Back in May, the girls and I went to Brittany's for the day. We decided to introduce Lexi and Jill to the Toledo Zoo! They LOVED it!! Lexi especially loved the elephants (the Akron zoo doesn't have any). They also loved the activity center and the wading stream. We tuckered them out and had a great time! Enjoy the pictures!

Zach's 1st Birthday!

So, I know I am about a month late, but here are the pictures from Zach's 1st birthday! He is sooos ornery!! He also loves the Sesame Street character Murray, but we couldn't find a Murray cake, so Big Bird and Elmo had to do. Enjoy the pictures!