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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Preparing for Christmas!

This month has been full of Christmas things to do! First, Lexi's class met one morning at Pat Catan's Craft Store for all the kids to make candy jars to sell at their Christmas Program. Lexi sat beside her best buddy Logan and they both made wonderful snowman and penguin candy jars (I ended up buying both of Lexi's jars). The following week, her whole Preschool performed a Christmas Program. I wasn't sure Lexi would take part - thought she would cry and not go up front - but she surprised the heck out of me and went up there with no tears and sang her little heart out! She knew EVERY SONG! Maybe the present sitting at home that I promised she could open if she didn't cry helped a tad?!?! So proud of my big girl. We even got a picture of Lexi with her teacher Miss Sharon. The next morning was the final day of Preschool for the year and they had a Birthday Party for Jesus - complete with 2 bouncy houses. Even Lexi's teacher got in one of the houses. She couldn't wait to wear the Christmas Tree shirt she had made at school.
With school being over for the year, we must have other things to look forward to... like grandma and Papa Gary coming! They came out so Matt and Bethany could both work on a Friday evening. I think they have a lot of fun when they visit - oh yeah, the kids do too! Last Saturday night (while grandma and Papa Gary were still here - Marc and Jen came over and Matt and I went out to eat with them. Thanks for babysitting again g'ma and Papa! When Marc and Jen showed up, they had 2 gift bags for the girls! Books and dress up clothes!!! They loved the gifts! Thanks so much! Anyway, last but not least was the preparing for Christmas weekend. We were in charge of taking a shrimp ring and Krazy Krunch to G.G.'s house this year for Christmas dinner. The girls - especially Lexi - had to help mommy cook in the kitchen. I think Lexi would rather eat than cook, but she was a great little helper. Jill still needs some practice! Enjoy all the pictures and Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's that time of year!

Yes... I made them do it! I made the girls go see Santa at the mall! Lexi was her usual emotional self and Jill wasn't too fond of sitting on the big guy's lap, either - so mommy got in on the picture, too! Enjoy!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend '10

Matt and I were fortunate enough to get a 4-day weekend out of this Thanksgiving! Usually one of us is due to work the Friday after, but we both got to stay home this year. As per our little tradition... we went down to Smithville on Thanksgiving Day to spend it with Matt's family. "Baby" Zach is growing soooo much! Lexi also got to open her birthday gifts from Matt's family. Then we put up our Christmas trees on Friday and headed out Saturday morning for Paulding county. Nola and Gary hosted this year and it was a full house! After lunch, Lexi opened even more birthday presents and later that evening all the girls (minus Jill) plus Papa Gary went to Van Wert to see Tangled! It was Kaitlyn's very 1st movie in the theater!!! They loved it! Anyway... enjoy the pictures!