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Monday, March 29, 2010

Where has March gone?

I know, I know... it has been almost a whole month since the last post. I tell you, March has just flown by! Bethany, Lexi, and Jill were out of town every single weekend in March (including a quick day-trip to aunt Julie and uncle Ben's) except this past weekend - and even then we had company at our house (uncle Benny, aunt Brittany with Kaity and Kyle & Gra-Nola). It has just been a whirlwind. Besides our first trip to the zoo (with Shelby and Ava), several life-changing things also happened in March! Lexi is now officially potty-trained!!! It really only took a few days once she decided she was ready. We are now on our 3rd week with NO ACCIDENTS! Mommy and daddy are so proud of her; not to mention her grandparents. Jill decided to cut her first 2 teeth! As the picture shows, it was right around St. Patrick's Day. And last but not least, she also learned how to crawl this past weekend. There is no stopping her now. She goes anywhere and everywhere and gets into everything. She is way more ambitious than Lexi ever was and very much more curious. Lexi was more content just to watch Elmo and look at her books. Jill is going to be more of a challenge, especially with mommy's decorations around the house and Lexi's big-girl toys.
While Kaity was here on Saturday, we colored Easter eggs! Lexi loved it and Kaity had a blast, too. Next year, we will need maybe 2 dozen eggs instead of just 1. There will be at least one more child who wants to join in! Then on Sunday, Matt and Bethany attempted to take the girls to see the Easter Bunny. Lexi wanted nothing to do with him, and Jill was fine until Bethany set her on his lap. Then the screaming started. Enjoy all the pictures - especially the Bunny with crying Jill. It was the best we could do.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Cousin!

Lexi and Jill finally got to meet their newest cousin this weekend! Kyle came home from the hospital on Tuesday and we went out to see him on Sunday. For Lexi, it was love at first sight! She wanted to hold him and touch his little cheek and give him kisses the whole time we were there. She got to hold him twice and only gave him up when mommy insisted! For Jill, it was just another play date with Kaity. Jill loves to sit on the floor and watch the other 2 girls play. We even got to see uncle Benny this trip. He was at Brittany's when we got there on Sunday and we visited for a few hours before he headed for home. We also managed to get in a few pictures - as you all knew I would! Aunt Bethany got to feed Kyle a few bottles and just hold him while he slept. AWWW! He is up over 6 pounds now and so long (especially his legs and feet)! His premie clothes are already too short for him. Can't wait to go back in a week for another quick visit! Enjoy the pictures.