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Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation, Baptism, and Memorial Day!

Well, I know it has been awhile since I last posted, but we have been BUSY!  We now have a Pre-School Graduate, a baby that is baptized, and a (getting there) soon to be potty-trained 3-year-old!  Lexi graduated from Montrose Zion Christian Preschool on Sunday May 20 with 14 of her friends.  Each child received their own Story Bible and the preschool received a wonderful gift from the parents to celebrate their 5th year in business.  Then on Wednesday, the whole preschool went bowling for their last day together.  The grads were recognized and each received a 'diploma' and sang a few songs for the parents.  What a great 2 years it has been for Lexi.  She has made a LOT of new little friends and I just hope we can keep in touch with some of them.

On Saturday afternoon, we ventured to the Diller farm in Columbus Grove, Ohio.  The Dillers attend St. John's Church where Papa Gary preaches and had been telling Gra'Nola to "Bring the kids over next time they are home", so that is just what we did!  The farm houses 2 miniature horses, about a dozen lambs, 2 dogs, and a BUNCH of new little kittens!  The horses and the kittens were the biggest hits!  Kaitlyn was fearless and loved on the lambs and by the time we made it to the garage with the kittens, Lexi was also in love!  It was so precious watching the girls hold the kittens (Kyle however tried to pick one up by the tail)!  Thanks to the Diller family for letting us come and have fun with your animals.  We will have to come back in the fall when it isn't so hot!

Then, just this past Sunday May 27, Alli was baptized.  Papa Gary once again did the honors at Columbus Grove UM Church.  We were very fortunate to have MANY family members able to attend.  I really want to thank each and every one of them for coming and taking the time to celebrate the baptism of Allison.  We were especially glad to have Godparents Ben Ginter and Maely Alexander stand up with us during the service and promise to lead Alli in the way of the Lord.  After the service, we enjoyed an awesome buffet at the Red Pig in Ottawa.  YUMMMMM!

After our busy weekend, we celebrated Memorial Day at home (well, at least the girls and I did... Matt had to work).  My friend Michele came over and we took all 3 girls to the pool.  It was Alli's first pool trip and Jill's first time without a swim diaper!  We were there for 2½ hours and they didn't want to leave!  We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed a very warm sunny Memorial Day.  The girls will surely sleep well tonight!