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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Smithville

On Christmas Day, we ventured down to Matt's parent's house in Smithville. It is a mere 30 minute drive... we weren't about to travel much farther than that with a momma who is 39 weeks into her pregnancy! We just hoped that baby Allison would wait to make her appearance until at least after dinner. Our wish was granted and Christmas Day came and went with no trip to the hospital. We did open presents and had a wonderful meal of lasagna and delicious snacks all day long! It is always great to see the kids play together and how much they have grown since last time. Just think, next year we will be celebrating not just Jesus' birthday, but also Allison's birthday! Wow - I am already exhausted just thinking about it! Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Christmas Morning' 2011

Well, with baby due to arrive any day now, we decided to have Santa come Christmas Eve morning (just one day early). The girls were so excited to set out cookies and milk for Santa and even carrots for his Reindeer! Then, it took them over an hour to finally fall asleep! After a late bedtime, Lexi was up bright and early at 5 am... she hopped in bed with us to wait for her sister to wake up. Finally at 7:30 Jill woke also. They waited patiently on the steps for daddy to get the video camera ready for the big reveal. Then, at last, they RAN into the family room to find the loot Santa had left behind. He was very good to both girls - bringing them exactly what they had asked for! Lexi received a HUGE Disney Princess Castle along with a Talking Super Grover and a Tiana barbie doll. And for Jill, Santa brought a Baby Alive, a "Jill" doll aka. Cabbage Patch Doll that looks just like her, and a Tinker Bell barbie doll. Santa also left a few more wrapped gifts for both girls under the tree. Needless to say, they both made out like bandits! Success... and still no baby Allison. Hopefully she waits now until at least tomorrow night (we are supposed to be in Smithville for Christmas tomorrow!). Time will tell! Enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Elves are Back!

I can't believe I almost forgot to Elf our family! It has become sort of a tradition. It is so funny to watch back. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First Christmas!

Well, we managed to squeeze our 1st Christmas of the year in before baby #3 decided to arrive. Since we are dangerously close to baby's due date, everyone agreed to travel to Copley for our Thomas Christmas this year. The Ginter clan (along with G.G. and Papa Bud) all arrived on Friday. We had a taco ring for dinner and my good friend Michele even got to join us and meet my crazy family! Then on Saturday the Crossland clan joined us. The only one missing was Matt Gurtz... dumb ol' stomach bug! We missed you!!! After a 4:30 dinner we got a quick photo of everyone (thanks Natalie for taking the pic) and then we started in on gifts. It moved along fairly quickly and before you knew it we were all talking and playing games. Great food, great company... GREAT FAMILY! Thanks to all of you for making the trip out east. I still can't believe we were all under 1 roof for overnight (except Marty and Shannon who left late Saturday night)!! It was close quarters, but I think everyone at least got some sleep. There for a minute I wasn't sure if baby Saris would hold out until the weekend was over, but alas... she is still not here. Most likely sometime soon, though! By the way, Hotel Saris is now closed until next year!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Big Girl is 5!

Well, it has been a whirl wind few weeks, but Lexi is now officially 5 years old! We had her party a few weeks early (beginning of November). Then, the Tuesday before her birthday we took her to her choice of restaurants... Red Robin in North Canton. While we were in North Canton, mommy decided to go ahead and get a photo shoot in at the Kiddie Kandids (inside Babies-R-Us). The girls were WONDERFUL!!! I wasn't sure where my quirky, shy girls were and who had jumped into their bodies! Anyway, great shoot and we even got Daddy in a picture! Lexi's birthday was on Tuesday and she took snack to school (Trix yogurt). Then we ventured to Grandma Chris and Papa's house for Thanksgiving on Thursday where she got more b-day gifts - thanks everyone! And... since the Ginter/Thomas family didn't meet up for Turkey Day, she will probably get even more loot on Dec. 10th when we conviene for T'giving/X-mas at our house! Can we say "The Longest Birthday EVER!" Anyway, enjoy the pictures from our photo shoot!