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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1st Snow!

We had our first major snowfall overnight last night! Lexi watched out the window as the snow came down yesterday, but still wasn't sure she wanted to go outside and play in it. Well, today mommy got her all bundled up and went out to play in the snow for the very first time! Our neighbors Paul and Ben were also outside playing in the snow. We went over to say hi and ride down their slide once. Snowpants really make it difficult to climb up the ladder! After that, she still didn't like to step in the snow, but then when mommy started to build a snowman she was a little more interested. Lexi could have helped, but her gloves wouldn't stay on (any suggestions anyone??) When we were finally all done with our snow friend, Lexi of course had to kiss it and give it hugs. Then she didn't want to go back inside... mommy had to promise her a snack to get her in the door. Hopefully this is just the first snow friend of many and maybe next time daddy will be the one to get her all bundled up and take her outside in the snow (we will see about that). Or even better, Paw Paw Chuck can pull her around in the sled!! Maybe this weekend?

Time-out Chair!

Lexi got her first taste of the time-out chair last night. She knows she is not to go upstairs without mommy or daddy, but still she loves to follow Banky up there and then run around. We have sternly warned her and even slapped her little butt, but last night she learned what the time-out chair means. Daddy was the heavy for this first trip. He went upstairs and fetched Lexi and brought her back down and sat her in the recliner. She sat there for 5 long minutes and then was able to get up again. When it was all over, she went running for mommy for comfort, but eventually made up with daddy. Maybe now she will learn to stay downstairs unless mommy or daddy are with her?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lexi's 2nd Birthday Party!

Well, Lexi is not quite 2 yet (not until the 22nd) but we did have her first birthday party for her friends. Last year we just celebrated with family, so we decided to let her have some fun at a party with kids her own age (and some a little older). She was super excited when mommy busted out the Cookie Monster cake and also when she saw the Dora balloon we got for her. Chloe and her mom (from next door), Veronica and Alexander with their mom and dad (mommy's friends from college), & Adam and Alexis with their mom (from mommy's work) all came to celebrate with us! A few people couldn't make it, but we still had a great time. Banky was on his best behavior. We all ate pizza, hot dogs and mac-n-cheese and then dug in to the cake. Lexi ate her whole piece, and then asked for another! She got lots of cool gifts, too. A HUGE coloring book with a purse and another coloring book from Chloe, a Disney Princess book with a little movie projector from Adam and Alexis, a neat Sesame Street computer program from Roni and Xander, and a Count von Count doll from mommy and daddy. We played in the basement and had lots of fun, but missed those who couldn't come. I am sure there will be more pictures and stories in a few weeks after we celebrate with family, but until then check out the Kodak site to enjoy more pictures from this party.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big-Girl Bed Success!

November 1st was Lexi's first night in her Big-Girl Bed (and her nice purple bedroom). I was fully expecting her to end up back in the crib after a half hour or so but to my amazement, she stayed in her new bed ALL NIGHT LONG! Granted, she wasn't alone - Elmo, yellow teddy and Grover were there with her all night - but she did make it through until 7:30 am (which would have been 8:30 had the time not changed)! Mommy made sure to have her Elmo blanket and her bink and diadey and also to turn on her night light. She didn't even have her radio playing like she normally does in her crib. Banky was a little concerned at first and only stopped barking when he discovered it was Lexi in the bed and not some stranger. He also thought he had to jump up on her bed to make sure she was ok. Matt and I turned the baby monitor on extra loud all night, just in case she woke up and needed us, but not a peep was heard all night long! After a successful night, we decided to try Sunday's afternoon nap. The nap was also successful - YAY! We may have just made the transition to her new bedroom in just one day... we will see what the next couple nights bring. If only potty training were this easy!