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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sesame Place!

For those of you who don't know... Mommy and Daddy promised to take Lexi to Sesame Place once she was potty-trained. Well, a few months ago (early Spring) she did just that and we had been counting down the days ever since. We left uncle Andrew at our house with Banky, and took Jill to stay with Grandma Chris and Papa and took off for New Jersey on Saturday. Our hotel was in Princeton, NJ (an 8 hour drive from our house). With traffic accidents and construction, we made it in about 9 hours (stopping to eat at McDonalds on the way). We enjoyed the hotel pool and Lexi even got to sleep in her very own pull-out couch/bed! She was so excited the next morning. We left the hotel and drove 15 miles back into Pennsylvania - right across the border - to Bucks county. The address is actually Langhorne and it was right off the highway. The tickets were buy one day, get one day free, so we decided to spread it out and come for 2 days. Sesame Place is a theme park centered around... you guessed it! Sesame Street! It is one big park with water rides/slides mixed in with dry rides and also shows/attractions. A lot of people just wear their swim suits all day with water shoes. We chose to stay dry the first day, since we had lunch reservations to dine with the characters! First thing we did was the Carousel. Next, we watched Elmo's World Live! Elmo and Mr. Noodle put on a real-live edition of Elmo's World complete with piano and even Dorothy! Then on to the Spinning TeaCups and Big Bird's Balloon Ride. Mommy attempted to get stuck in the net tunnels (it's a good thing daddy didn't try to go with Lexi on that one!) while Lexi made her way through with ease. By then it was time to go eat lunch with all the guys! They had a great buffet of food and 6 of the Sesame Street guys came and met everyone while we ate! We met and took pictures with Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Zoe, Bert and Ernie! Then they each sang a song and ended with a huge Conga line! Lexi was skeptical at first, but by the end she wanted to go up and give everyone a 'high-5' and tell them bye. After lunch we headed to the Vapor Trail - Grover's roller coaster. Lexi rode with Daddy the first day. She was scared, but ended up liking that ride the best! Then we made our way to the parade route. Every day at 2pm, all the guys line up and have a parade down Main Street. Telly and Count von Count were even in the parade along with Abby and Oscar the Grouch. The only one missing was... GROVER! We had yet to meet Grover (Lexi's favorite). She was starting to get worried that she wouldn't see him, then he appeared! She ran over to him and was the first in line to take a picture with him. Grover got a great big hug from Lexi and a 'high-5' as well. She professed her love for him and said he was her favorite. Lexi then climbed Cookie Mountain - a huge climbing mountain that you slide down once you make it to the top. She didn't want to come out when time was up! Next, we made our way to the photo-stop where we got pictures with Abby and Elmo. We decided to call it a day after that. We were all pooped! So we drove back to the hotel, bopped into TGI Friday's to eat, and then went swimming again to cool off.

Day two at Sesame Place started early. We had breakfast with the characters at 9:30am. This time, we were decked out in our swim suits. Once again, they had a great breakfast buffet and we met some of the characters again. This time no singing, but Ernie, Bert, Big Bird, Elmo and Zoe once again came around to the tables and met everyone. After breakfast, it was already hot outside so we headed for the water rides. Mommy didn't have her camera with her because it would have gotten wet, so we have no pictures of the wet fun we had. Let's just say we went on a Ramblin' River with Big Bird (Lexi had her own inner tube on a lazy river), many water slides at the Count's Splash Castle, a HUGE inner tube (that easily holds 2 families of 3-4 people) that made it's way down a HUGE hill - Lexi got drenched, and many other small splash play areas. A few hours later, we saw Abby's Treasure Hunt show and Grover was in the show! Lexi was sitting on the end of the bench and Grover even gave her a 'high-5' during the show. She was SO EXCITED! Then we went back to Conut's Splash Castle and Lexi did a few more slides before we ate a little lunch and decided to put our dry clothes on. We then met Grover AGAIN and gave him a huge hug AGAIN and this time we got a family picture with Grover - the only one with all 3 of us in it! There was one more show we hadn't seen yet... Elmo Rocks! It had Zoe, Elmo, Bert, Ernie and Cookie and they formed a band! After the show, there were a few rides Lexi wanted to ride again. The TeaCups, Cookie Mountain, Big Bird's Balloon Ride and finally Vapor Trail roller coaster - this time with mommy. We all had a great time and drove back to the hotel for one more swim (after eating delivered pizza). Early Tuesday morning we were out the door headed for Ohio. Back to see Jill and Banky dog (who, as Lexi would say, "watched uncle Andrew"). All in all a great trip. Hopefully we can take Jill there in a few years to enjoy just like her big sister did this year. Enjoy the pictures!