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Friday, February 25, 2011

Febuary (in a nutshell)

The last weekend in January, Brittany and Maely brought the kids to visit along with G.G. Eileen and Gra-Nola (for the day Saturday while Papa Gary was at a motorcycle convention in Cleveland). Maely and Brittany bundled up the 2 older girls to have some fun in the snow. I think they really enjoyed being young and free with the sled and building a snowman! Then Febuary just flew by for us. We had a lot going on for a winter month. Matt and Bethany worked 3 out of 4 weekends this month. The one weekend we had off was Kyle's 1st birthday party - which Lexi and Matt didn't make it to (Lexi was sick). Earlier in the month, Gra-Nola and Papa Gary brought their puppet skits to Lexi's preschool on a Friday morning and then did an encore skit for the kids at church on Sat. evening. The kids loved the puppets! Nola's cousin Mike and his wife Heidi even helped out on the Saturday performance. So fun! Throw in Valentine's Day and you get a pretty busy month. Enjoy some pictures!

Brittany and Maely's visit

Puppet Skits

Valentine's Day Kyle's 1st Birthday