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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Little Busy!

I know it has been a few weeks since the last post. I am truly sorry! We have been busy little beavers in these past few weeks. Matt and Bethany took Lexi to see Disney on Ice Jan. 9th. We were in the very 1st row (only about 5 feet from the ice)!! She liked it and spent the whole hour and a half waiting on Jessie, Buzz, and Woody to come onto the ice - they were the very last ones to make their appearance. Then on Jan. 10th Bethany and Lexi went to a birthday party for our twin neighbors who turned 4! They had Outback Ray and his amazing animals at their party and he was a HIT! All the kids even posed with his VERY LONG albino boa constrictor!

Bethany's family came out the following weekend to watch the girls while Matt and Bethany worked on Sat. The house was FULL of females - Matt and Banky were the only 2 males. And we just want to send a HUGE thanks to Nola, G.G. Eileen, Brittany, Kaity, Maely and Ruby for coming out and watching the girls. You will never know how much we appreciate it! Also, we will challenge you to a re-match in Tennis on the Wii next time you all come out!

To round out our busy January, Lexi, Jill, and Bethany made a quick trip to Toledo this weekend to go to Maxwell's 3rd birthday party. The theme was Yo Gabba Gabba. It was really great to see Ellisa and the boys and catch up a little with her. Then on Sunday we stopped in on my friend Natalie and her 3 kids (the youngest whom we had not yet met and he is 16 months old!). Lexi was crying in the group picture because she didn't want to leave! Again, great to catch up with friends from the past. Enjoy the few pics that are posted with each story and check my facebook page out for the rest of the pictures.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last but not Least!

And to think, Christmas is all over! We did manage to get grandma Chris' siblings and their families together this year, too! I volunteered to host the whole clan. It was a full house and just about everyone was able to make it. 35 people total!!! We had a little (actually A LOT) more snow than I would have liked, but everyone made it to our house and back home safe and sound. I hope everyone had a good time and I know we really enjoyed seeing everyone. Hopefully we can do it again sometime (when the weather is a little warmer)! Thanks to everyone who made the trip and it was great to see the whole family together!

4 Christmases!

Sorry for the late post, but we have been just a little bit busy these last 10 days. Here are the pictures from Christmas weekend. Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at home, Christmas Day at Chris and Chuck's, Saturday (the day after) at G.G. Eileen's and Saturday evening at Nola and Gary's house. We almost needed a U-Haul to carry back all the girls' presents! Anyway, thank you to everyone and enjoy the pictures!

Christmas Eve/Christmas Morning

Christmas Day (Saris)

Saturday noon (Thomas)

Saturday evening (Ginter)