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Friday, February 26, 2010

What a Month!

As Febuary comes to a close, I am reminded of just how sick I have become of snow! Also - on a good note, I am reminded of some of the things that have happened this month. Baby Kyle was born! Also, I look back on some of the fun times Lexi has had with Kaitlyn this month. Just a few days before Kyle was born, Brittany and Kaitlyn were here at our house for the weekend. The girls played in the snow, dressed up like Princesses, and took a bath with baby Jill. They always have fun together! Then, Kyle was born. Bethany, Lexi, and Jill made the trip to Brittany's house to visit and meet up with Maely to help out with Kaitlyn and the girls had even more fun. They love to run around Brittany's dining room table. They also like to sit in the glider-rocker and swing back-and-forth together. Of course, they love to play with baby Jill too and that just wears her out! Hopefully Kyle will be able to keep up with these wild women when he get a little bigger. Until then, we will probably be making a lot more trips to Brittany and Matt's house to see baby Kyle start his life and grow. Hopefully spring is just around the corner, but until then enjoy the pictures!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kyle Matthew!

We finally added a boy to the family! Brittany and Matt had Kyle Matthew Gurtzweilwer on Wed. Feb. 11 at 9:21 am. He weighed in at 5 pounds and 1 ounce and was 18½ inches long. He was also almost 7 weeks early. His first few days may be a little difficult, as he must learn how to eat (he has the sucking down, but needs to work on the swallowing). He is currentyl getting food through a nasal tube. May be looking at a few weeks in the hospital, but hopefully all will turn out great and he will be home with mom, dad, and big sister Kaitlyn soon! Congrats to the Gurtz's and YAY! We have our boy!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Digging Out!

Well hopefully most of you were able to dig yourselves out of this snow. The snow only fell for about 15-20 hours, but it managed to accumulate about a foot! Matt spent 1½ hours just clearing our driveway! Lexi, Jill and Bethany got bundled up and joined him for about 20 minutes, but ths snow was even too deep for the sled... Lexi wanted nothing to do with it. Jill didn't know quite what to think. Her snowsuit made her body so stiff because she couldn't bend at the waist and her limbs were stuck straight out. Banky even got to enjoy a little fun in the snow. He was trying to escape our driveway, but just couldn't do it. The snow wall was just too high for him. Lexi did enjoy helping Matt scoop the snow off the driveway with her little bowl. Anyway, hopefully the snow didn't slow anyone down too much.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Happy 30th Birthday to Matt today! What a great present - to shovel a foot of snow off the driveway!

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Picture People!

As some of you may already know, our picture people that we have used since Lexi was born went bankrupt (the whole company nationwide)! No more Kiddie Kandids! I had an appointment already made for Jill's 9 months pictures and I also wanted an updated family picture - since Lexi is only 18 months old in our last family picture. I was so upset. They were so convenient (located just down the road about 10 minutes in the Summit Mall) and they printed your pictures right there after your session. They only took 8 proofs total so you weren't sitting there for an hour trying to figure out which poses you wanted to pick. They also printed 4x6 prints - which I have come to find out that NO other picture place prints 4x6's. Needless to say that is the size of most frames now! I went to the internet to search for a new picture place. There were several options, but I finally decided on Portrait Innovations. There are 3 locations within 20 miles of our house, but all 3 are a good ½ hour from our house (with traffic and city streets). I was pleasantly surprised with them. They took a LOT of pictures (140 total proofs) and then came the weeding down part. I was there for an hour after our session just trying to decide what I wanted while Matt had Jill and Lexi to look after in the studio. Hopefully with this being the first ever visit, now I will know what to expect in future visits and it will go much faster. They got some really good shots of the girls and of the family. I ordered way too many pictures this first time, but at least now I will know what to order for next time! Enjoy and let me know what you think!