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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun at the Park!

With only 1 short week left before school starts, we decided to enjoy Preston's HOPE Park in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Ava and Sophia were able to join us (along with their mom, Shelby) for a great morning of fun and adventure! We packed up a lunch and spent a few hours burning off some energy and having a blast. This park is awesome and the kids just love it. Too bad it is quite a haul from Copley - a good 45 minutes! Good thing Shelby lives about half way there. Great way to break up the trip! Enjoy the pictures and if you are ever in the Cleveland area with children... stop by for a few hours of free fun!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daughters and Daughters and Daughters, OH MY!

Yes... it's true. We are having yet another girl! Needless to say this will be the final addition to the Saris family (we are out of bedrooms)! I think the Ultrasound Tech got a pretty good 3D image of the little one - due to arrive sometime around December 31st! Hopefully you can make out the body parts!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Backyard View

Last night, the sky behind our house revealed the most amazing sight! It was orange and glowing!! The houses across our street were all aglow with a tangerine hue. It was beautiful! I just had to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

Clear Lake '11

Well, Ben and Erin Culler finally got us to their home at the lake! We made the 3 hour trip this past weekend and had a blast! Clear Lake is just across the Indiana state line just miles off of Rt. 49 (very close to Ohio and Michigan). We left Friday after lunch and made it home by Sunday for supper. The kids all had a great time and were tuckered out! We went swimming/wading at the sand bar off the island, took many boat rides, swam off their dock in the waist-deep water, and even went tubing!!! Jack LOVED the tube... Lexi, Jill, and Nate were ok with it, but I think preferred to be swimming. The adults even escaped and enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at a local restaurant (thanks to Sara the babysitter for taking on all 4 kiddos). All the kids did wonderful and we really enjoyed our time spent with the Culler family. Thanks for having us and maybe we will return next year or even make this a yearly ritual?!?! Enjoy the pictures.