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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kyle's Baptism

Brittany and Matt had Kyle baptized this past weekend. It was really special, because both of Matt's sisters and their families were able to be there (one lives in California and the other in ITALY!). Despite a flat tire, I think things went well and we also were able to celebrate Kaitlyn's 3rd birthday. She opened her gifts and I believe the favorite was a Sponge-Bob musical card from uncle Benny! Anyway, the baptism was great and we enjoyed a good meal at the Red Pig afterward. Enjoy the pictures... and congrats to the new Godparents Jen and Joe!!

Also, how could I forget to share... Lexi learned how to write her name this weekend! I am so proud.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Transition Time

It has been a very busy time for us. I have changed jobs from Sam's Club to Walgreens. It was a move that just had to be made. Things were going down the tubes quickly at Sam's and I just needed to get out! Thankfully, Walgreens took me back and I only had to train for 4 days (instead of the usual 10). The ins and outs of the computer system are all coming back to me fairly quickly after being gone for nearly 3 years. The schedule is nearly perfect for me and I am also home with the girls for at least some part of the days - even on the days I work. Hopefully I will be with Walgreens for a long time to come... this changing jobs is for the birds! No pictures this time... but soon!