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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Finally Spring!

Just a quick post with a St. Patty's Day picture and then on to some Spring fun. We spent the day at Grandma Chris and Papa's house when Ben and Julie were in town - just look how big Zach is getting! The kids had a blast outside! Then we got another gorgeous day later that week. Enjoy the pictures!

Chris and Chuck's

Fun at home!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Fort Rapids

This past weekend, we made a trip down to Columbus to stay at Fort Rapids Indoor Waterpark with the entire Ginter clan. We left Friday after Bethany got home from work and didn't return home until Sunday afternoon. At the hotel, we were all staying in 1 suite. It had one bedroom, a loft, and 2 additional queen beds (along with a pull-out couch that we didn't need to make into a bed). G'pa Gary and G'ma Nola got there 1st and checked in. Next was our family and shortly afterwards the Gurtzweilers arrived. Uncle Benny was in California on a LONG business trip (7 weeks to be exact) and took the red-eye flight leaving California around 11 pm and arriving in Columbus around 9am Saturday morning. Needless to say uncle Benny was pooped! He still managed to swim with us all for awhile before napping. We all enjoyed the waterpark on Saturday and our meals consisted of tacos-in-a-bag and a crock of meatballs - with hotdogs for the kids. Saturday evening, Papa Gary took Benny home (since his car was still in Cincinnati). I think Benny enjoyed his own bed and some much-needed sleep. The rest of us chilled in the room and just spent time together. Sunday morning Papa Gary and G'ma Nola left bright and early to make it to Columbus Grove in time for church. The rest of us packed up and suited the kids for one last swim. After a quick bite at Steak-n-Shake we headed for home. A huge thanks to uncle Andrew for staying at our house with Banky! Enjoy the pictures.