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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finally 4!

Jill is finally 4 years old!  She has been waiting for her birthday all school-year!  Most of her friends are already 4 and she can now join their ranks.  We celebrated with both sides of the family on April 27 (just 1 day before her actual birthday).  Both sets of grandparents were here along with most of her aunts and uncles.  She got a lot of awesome presents including a water table and a bike!

Then just a few weeks later, we had her friend party.  There were 12 little people running around our house and enjoying the party.  It was Alvin and the Chipmunks themed and everyone had a blast!  We had a treasure hunt, an obstacle course, some Chipmunk music and of course cupcakes!  Again, Jill got some wonderful gifts.  Thanks to everyone who came to both parties and we will do it again next year!  Enjoy the picutres!

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