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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thomas Family Pics

Thomas Family: Pink-Eileen; Red-Nola & Gary; Brown-Ruby & Don; Blue-Bethany, Matt, Lexi, Jill, & Alli; Navy-Benny; Green-Maely, Garrett & Nick; Purple-Marty & Shannon; Yellow-Brittany, Matt, Kaitlyn & Kyle; Orange-Jace & Natalie
We had these pictures scheduled and on the calendar since before Christmas! Then, just a few short months ago, Papa Bud passed away.  We were really hoping to have the ENTIRE Thomas Family in these pictures, but alas he didn' quite hold out long enough to be included.  Nevertheless, we gathered as planned and braved the heat of the day for some family pictures!  My long-time friend Kim Troth took us under her wing for our outdoor session.  Yes, it was hot... Yes, we had old (80+ years) and young (8 months) people to deal with... and Yes, we had grumpy adults who were missing the ball game on the radio/TV, but we managed to sneak in some good pictures!  Thanks to my entire family for showing up in your assigned colors, enduring the heat, and having us place you for poses when you could have been doing other things.  It is GREATLY appreciated (and now you can hang on my wall forever)!  Love you all!

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