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Monday, August 26, 2013

School has Begun!

Well, that time is finally here!  School has begun... and we have a 1st-grader!  Lexi began 1st grade on Thurs. Aug. 22 at Ft. Island Primary School.  Her teacher this year is Miss Goldstein.  She is still adjusting to the whole 'lunch-at-school' thing and also getting used to being gone from 8:30 unitl after 4pm EVERY WEEKDAY!  I suppose it will take a few weeks for her to adjust, but then hopefully she will love it!  Since none of her friends from last year ended up in her class this year, she is getting to know a lot of new friends.  She even gets to board the bus with a close friend from church 2-3 days per week (she comes to our house in the morning and rides the bus with Lexi). Jill starts her daily Pre-K routine in just 1 short week (after Labor Day) and we shall see how that goes... Good Luck Miss Emily with the crew you have this year!

Bus Stop Crew!

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